Humble Pani Puri!!! Only thing that comes to anyone’s mind when we talk of Indian Street food is “Pani Puri”. The one everlasting crush no one can deny!

Pani Puri is the epitome of Indian Street Snacks. The crunchy round hollow puffed crackers you pop open and fill with spicy potatoes and topped with tangy, spicy tamarind water made fragrant by mint leaves and salt. The food item may sound like chaos, but this spicy, crunchy wonder is absolutely delicious and something almost Indians will agree on.

This mouth-watering dish is called with many names- Pani Puri, Pani ke batashe, Golgappa, Puchkka, Pulki. This infectious street snack is also a great leveller, one can see even besuited guy step out of sleek cars to join the queue alongside the city’s poorest residents.

Where did the Dish originate?
It is believed that phulkis (the precursor to pani puri) first originated in Magadh at a time when several other traditional specialties of the region, were evolving. The culinary genius who invented them is lost in the pages of history, but if Indians had known who invented pani puri , they would have thanked that person for generations!

There are other stories linked to Mahabharata as well. While the exact origins of this delicious snack is unknown without historical accuracy, the one thing that is clear is that pani puri has travelled across India and made the country fall head over heels in love with it.

Over the years, this innocuous dish has developed its own version according to its preferences and across demography.

Anyway we all love Pani Puri 🙂